Carlo Maria Pelagallo was born in Rome in 1979. He moved to Switzerland at the age of 19 to start his career in the world of applied arts and visual communication. It was there that he studied Bauhaus and the laws that govern visual communication. During this period, he met artists, photographers and artistic directors (such as Ferdinando Scianna, Daniel Soudani, Luciano Rigolini and Bruno Monguzzi) who inspired the beginnings of his visual expression. Whilst studying Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Salvador Dalì and Jason Pollock he started to express himself through art. In 2002, Carlo’s work was exhibited for the first time. His paintings, photos and videos were shown in an exhibition called ‘Actors/Audience’ at Artelier in Lugano. Five years later, with a degree in visual communication, he moved to Barcelona to start a degree in the Science of Communication and to find new artistic experiences. These years in Spain affirmed his interest in art and cinema. In 2005 he decided to channel his passion more directly. His influence of his great uncle Corradino d’Ascanio, who invented the helicopter and the Vespa, lead him to Milan where he finished his degree with a masters in industrial design. Today he expresses himself through design rather than paintings. His designs break with the norm and challenge our preconceptions of ordinary objects. His work reflects his character: sensitive, passionate, dedicated, terribly romantic and extremely curious.


GOTHIC / an hour of meditation, Milan, Italy / 2018
Versione Unica, ARTDESIGN miFAC gallery, Milan, Italy / 2017
Jumbo, Galerie Plan 8, Paris, France / 2015
il Salotto del Design, Milan, Italy / 2005
Actors/Audience, Artelier, Lugano, Switzerland / 2003