/ candleholders


Gothic is an attempt to unite the world of jewelry with the one of the home accessories. An object that expresses the excellence of the materials used for its composition: the base of Carrara marble made with cnc control, hand-made bent* varnished wood handle, the candle cylinder with integrated faucet to adjust its height made of plated bronze gold.

*The development of the handle requires many steps and complex operations. First of all the definition of the exact curve requires the use of a cnc machine. To reach the perfect tubular shape, the handle is worked in two parts and then joined together. Despite the digital control processing of the handle, the upper part of this piece is so thin, just 8mm of diameter, that to obtain one piece many scraps are necessary (about 4 out of 1). This is due to the vulnerability of the wooden thread which is extremely fragile at certain points. Once assembled, will follow all the finishing steps such as sanding, closing of any open pores and painting.

Materials: polished Carrara marble, varnished wood, plated bronze gold
Dimensions: D. 130mm, W. 240mm, H. 280mm (without candle)
Colors: bright grey, dark brown, yellow gold